Claude Giroux | Game 3 OT Winner

Claude Giroux exploded in the 2010 playoffs illuminating his superstar status. He stepped into the upper echelon of hockey greats with tremendous effort and intelligent skill. This painting celebrates the amazing intensity he brings to the ice.

Giroux is in a state of complete ecstasy along with the rest of his team and 19,000+ fans after an overtime goal in game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Every time I watch this goal it gives me goosebumps.

Now on to the painting…



Building the body and adding some aqua blue to shake things up.



Some faces for focus.



Skin tones added as I reach a unique point where the canvas is almost entirely covered in paint.



Adding highlights to push the figure forward and create more contrast to add depth.



Orange G-esus getting Flyered up. The shape of the celebrating fans started to resemble a cross so I went with it.  Had to nix it because it was overbearing.



Olympic bands of color and ecstatic energy emanate from him.  A true world class player.

Giroux OT Winner | 22 x 18 inches | acrylic and graphite on canvas | 2012

What a glorious way to remember the amazing Stanley Cup run the Flyers had in the 2010 playoffs.

Big thanks to Jon Weinman of Minarets Music of for creating the original soundtrack for the video. Girouxs favorite music is country, but he likes to listen to techno and more upbeat music before the game. I asked Jon to go with a techno direction and I think he nailed a fun celebratory beat that goes great with the cadence of the video. Keep an eye on Minarets Music, they are cooking up some great things in Brooklyn.

Lets go Flyers!

This painting is going to hang in the same household as this Chris Pronger painting:


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  1. How much for this work? Possible to obtain segment 3?

  2. Hello Mike, This work is sold. I will email you soon with more information.

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