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September 9, 2013  |  Exhibition, New Painting, PROCESS, video
Euphoria | 71 x 71 | acrylic on canvas | SOLD

Euphoria | 71 x 71 | acrylic on canvas | SOLD



71 x 71 inches
acrylic on canvas

Our inclination to find significant forms in random and chaotic stimuli is a well documented psychological phenomenon called pareidolia. Using this property, the artist makes a colorful, nebulous abstraction become figurative. Within the fertile surface we are invited to imagine courtesans and witches, sorcerers and prophets, healers and hypnotists. You see what you want, it dissolves, and you see something else.

pareidolia  (ˌpæraɪˈdəʊlɪə)

— n – the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist, as in considering the moon to have human features. (courtesy of

Insight into the creation of the music -

The music was inspired by the movements of the colors and the transformation of the shapes. The goal was to create a three phased movement to go with the painting; 1/Flashback, 2/Psychedelic, and 3/Trance. The sequence of sounds starts with a flashback through memory, followed by a psychedelic tribal gathering, and then followed by the peak of the high in trance which moves into more of a dance feel. Three phases of movement towards a desired Euphoria

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Part of the current solo exhibition DESTINATION UNKNOWN in New York City.

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